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Face to Face


I don’t like drawing faces in my art.  Not even whimsical faces.  I’m not good at it even though I’ve taken a couple of online workshops showing how to do it.  Somehow the eyes I draw are wonky or the features are not proportional to the head or each other. My inner critic looks at the faces I create and tells me they are no good. However, when I create scribble art (where I  scribble a line on paper and try to draw something from that) I feel better about the faces I draw because they are cartoonish.  That’s how they are suppose to look.  Nothing like real life.

I decided to take that doodling attitude and practice it more, with no expectations except having fun.  Just as I decided to do that, Tammy Garcia at provided another “Art Journal Tangents and Tactics” video workshop showing us how to paint an abstract girl with high flow acrylics and water.  To prepare for that she told us to draw 20 or 30 faces on a small piece of paper or an index card just to loosen us up for the painting exercise.

Okey dokey, then.  Last night I attended a poetry even in Phoenix.  I wasn’t reading at this event (although I usually do)  so I was sat on a low sofa along the back wall of the venue.  Unfortunately I had a hard time seeing the performers over the people sitting in the chairs in front of me.  So while I listened, I doodled faces in my small Moleskine journal using only an 05 Micron pen.

AJTT wk6 Faces

Faces!  And, no, I did not draw the people who were at the event although there is one face in this group that looks remarkably like someone who frequently attends.

How do you get over your fear or your feeling that you cannot do something creative?  I usually just try it.  I might not post all of my efforts, but I do try it.

I hope you have a creative weekend!


Author: aintnoninny

I write poetry and fiction; create doodle art; do genealogical research; take photographs of the world around me; think about odd things; hike the red rocks; and obsess on food.

2 thoughts on “Face to Face

  1. I really like your crowd of faces. To answer your question, I think the first step of confronting creative fears is to figure out what your anxiety is. If it’s the critique of others then keep your work on that subject private for a bit until your confidence grows enough to share with a few others initially. If it’s a concern that your drawing won’t look like the thing it depicts then stop aspiring to verisimilitude and embrace the fact your style might be a bit abstract or surreal because, after all, it is your style. I’m the same way with drawing hands and feet. When life drawing, I find a way to avoid them as much as possible but in my other drawings I’ve just developed my own style of drawing them. Another subject I think I suck at is horses but this drawing challenge I’m doing has had me drawing horses so I’ve had to just get on with it and actually people have been kind with their feedback on here so maybe I don’t suck as badly as I think. On this evidence, you really can draw faces.

  2. Thanks, Laura. And based on your drawings, I’d say you can draw horses. 🙂

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