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What’s Black & White and Read All Over?

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Yes, you guessed it.  A newspaper.  And that was the prompt this week for Journal52.  I hadn’t much time to work in my journal tonight and I’m still practicing faces so this is what I came up with.

Journal52 Wk37 Newspaper
Journal52 Week 37: Newspaper

This was done in my 7″x10″ Canson mixed media journal.  The background is collaged bits from the only newspaper I had sitting around the house, a free weekly entertainment guide from the Sedona, Arizona area.  I drew the profile of the girl on top of the collage using red acrylic paint, then painted in her face with white.  I added red features & hair and stenciled the arrows using the same red acrylic.  I outlined everything with a black Stabilo All pencil to make the images pop against the background.

I can’t say I’m thrilled about the way it turned out. I wish I had used a different stencil over the newsprint background. But I am happy I finished the page.  I skipped last week’s Journal52 prompt so I will have two art journal pages to finish in the next week.  I want to beat myself up over that.  But my brother recently told me “There is no late in art.”  And he’s right, of course.

With that, I bid you a creative good night.



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