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Poem a Day Challenge – Day 12

“The Kiss of the Muse” by Paul Cezanne

I Hear Your Wings

I hear you there
Behind me
Whispers of air
Ruffling papers on my desk

I wished you here
To help me
My mind is empty, dear
Your kiss will fill my soul

I cannot see you sing
But you are there
I hear your wings
And I welcome your presence





Poem of the Day Challenge – Day 11



Takes all the time in the world
Seconds turn to minutes turn to hours
Dragging on into eternity
As you avoid everything but time

Being in the flow
Takes no time at all
Eternity is condensed
Into this very second
Which lasts forever

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Poem A Day Challenge – Days 9A and 10

No Swimming


It is your birthright to be who you are
Straight or gay
Or something in between

You have been given liberty
As men (and women), equal and independent
Autonomous, self-ruled
To pursue happiness
However you choose to define that
So long as you hurt no others in that pursuit

. . . And who says you had a choice, anyway?

What man can interpret the laws of many
If he has not walked in the shoes of one
What court can determine the rights of all
When politics (i.e. us) decide who sits on that court
What laws are made that are not made to be changed
With the climate of the times

It is time to allow those birthed in light
To pursue happiness in peace
And to let go the reins of rule
That restrict their inalienable rights
Let them interpret God’s laws
In the way they see fit
Just as you are allowed to practice your beliefs
Domestic Partner
In your own way


Night Trouble

The trouble is
I just can’t sleep
I watch the sun set
And my mind takes a walk
It treks until midnight
Takes a short rest
Then off it goes
Into heaven’s highways
Wandering among stars
Saying hello to other night souls
Whispering to moon dust
Inspired by my own thoughts
My restlessness
Futures not yet known
Loves past, present and unmanifested
Toss-and-turn troubles
A kiss of happiness, now and again
And possibilities
So many possibilities
X marks the point when I awake
But, having never slept,
I never quite make it there


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Poem a Day Challenge – Day 9



Sometimes I just don’t want to do what’s expected of me or what I expect of myself.
All day I procrastinated instead of writing a serious poem about something that has been in the news recently.  That was the prompt.  I’ve been following prompts so far this month for my daily poems but today I just. Didn’t. Want to do it.  What kept running through my head was, “I don’t want to”.   So that’s what I wrote.

I Don’t Want To

I don’t want to read the news
I would rather take a snooze
I don’t want to watch TV
It’s nothing but reality

I don’t want to write a poem
I would rather clean my home
But I don’t want to do that too
So I will sit here in a stew

I don’t want to take a shower
I’m sure I smell just like a flower
I don’t want to feed the cats
They can find their own damn rats

I don’t want to post this blog
I’d rather feed it to the dog
I’m feeling something, maybe dread
I think I will just head to bed


Poem A Day Challenge – Days 7 and 8

The Scream
The Scream (or The Cry) by Edvard Munch

Yikes!  I fell asleep last night, too tired to write or post Day 7’s poem.  To make up for that, here are two poems.

Compulsion in C-Major

I hide it in desk drawers
Behind bins in the pantry
In my bedside table
I conceal it in trail mix
In smoothies
In gluten-free cookies
that I stash in the closet so nobody will eat them
I tell myself it is good for me
And it is, in moderation
But I know when I reach for it for the 8th time that day
Moderation is the farthest thing from my mind
What I am thinking of is relief
The serotonin it produces
The depression it reduces
The moods that may level out
And I thought it was just the rich dark chocolate taste
That compels me to buy it by the ton



She would pace the perimeters of the yard
Over and over
From daybreak to darkness
Nobody there to relieve her boredom

I could see her from my bedroom window
My heart in pace with hers
My loneliness holding her paw in mine

Two restless souls, blinded by life

One day, a puppy arrived
Her pacing stopped
Her blindness forgotten

I remained blind
My envy binding me to the dark
But as I watched her come to life
A fog lifted inside me

I left my yard
Ventured out into the world
To find my own happiness
My eyes wide open


Poem A Day Challenge – Day 5


Keep This Earth Clean

To drive or not to drive, that is the question.

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer

the hundred-degree heat in a cooled auto

or to take public transportation and,

in so doing, save energy. To drive

no more; and walk the street to say we end

the gas wars, and the thousand years of drilling

the Earth has endured: ‘tis a consummation

devoutly to be wished. To drive the street;

to ride, perchance to fly– ay, there’s the rub:

for in the streets of death what dreams may come,

when we have shuffled off engines of oil

must give us pause – there’s the respect

that makes calamity of a life so driven.

(A shameless riff on Hamlet’s soliloquy)


Poem A Day Challenge – Day 4

Misty with glowy eyes


who was that masked cat, you ask
her powers extraordinaire
she leaps tall dogs in a single bound
while flying through the air
eats twice her weight in bugs and yet
stays slim and sleek and sound
navigates dark halls and beds
with xray eyes for light
has claws to beat the Wolverine’s
when called upon to fight
wears cloaks of invisibility
as she slips through doors unseen
climbs and runs with padded feet
silent as a trained marine
that is my superhero cat
mischief misty is her name
she’s on the prowl to fight evil
and everythings’s fair game

**  look out! **





Poem a Day Challenge – Day 3


Cover Up

I had a dream.
In it you followed me, observing
how I interacted with others.
I was aware of you there
watching me
and I went about my business
with a smile.

I had a dream.
We cuddled under blankets
face to face
and you kissed me, shyly.
I kissed you back,
with passion,
but you rolled away
as if I were too much for you.

I had a dream.
I wanted you.
You wanted the world to be
a better place.
You walked away
up a long hill into tomorrow,
to observe the clouds,
the bees, and how the dogs
peed on trees.

I had a dream.
I followed you, lost in fog,
and saw myself standing
in confusion.
I realized that it wasn’t you
I had been looking for.

I had a dream.
It was a cover up.
When I took away the blankets
I came face to face with me.
I was the only person there
in my dream.

(Note:  This is a rework of a poem I started more than 3 years ago but could never finish.  Poems have their own life cycles, just like us, just like dreams).