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Art Every Day Month – Day 20

Today I am on the third day of Jennibellie’s challenge (7 art journal pages in 7 days).  I blindly chose today’s technique from my box of techniques/products:


I was hoping to select  ‘paint’ since that is what I would normally be doing next . . . but collage it is!  I collaged paper or paper tape (washi tape) onto each of the seven art journal pages that I started two days ago.

CCI20112014_7 CCI20112014_6 CCI20112014_5 CCI20112014_4 CCI20112014_3 CCI20112014_2 CCI20112014

Boy, the pages are changing quickly from where they first started!  I still have 3 techniques to go (paint, ephemera, and pens/doodling) plus whatever is needed to bring the pages to fruition.  It is difficult to see where they may end up but I love mysteries!

I’ll see you tomorrow with more on these same journal pages.  Until then, I hope you find time in your day to create too!

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Art Every Day Month (NaNoJouMo) – Day 1

While fiction writers are busy during November trying to write 50,000 words of a novel for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), artists are trying to create art every day during November.  It can be just as grueling and just as satisfying.

There are a couple of art-a-day challenges this November that I am aware of and I’m trying loosely to follow the ‘rules’ of each.  Art Every Day Month (AEDM) is the creation of artist and instructor, Leah Piken Kolidas, at Leah defines art very broadly, in the sense of anything creative (including creative writing and poetry), not just visual or fine arts.  National Nonstop Journaling Month (NaNoJouMo) is the invention of artist/instructor/author, Dawn DeVries Sokol, at .  Dawn’s challenge focuses mostly on art journaling and she provides daily prompts (song titles or lyrics) that participants can use to create their journal pages.

Today I followed Dawn’s prompt which was “Royals” by Lorde.  I took that and created this page:

Day 1 Prompt- Royals by Lorde

I used a gelatin monoprint that I had previously made as the background and collaged it into the journal.  The images on the page are also collaged and are loosely based on from select lyrics in the song.  The handwritten words are from the chorus of the song.  I finished up with some doodling on the tiger’s gown, on the lyrics, and on the ‘head’ of the queen bee.

This was a quick and easy art journal page.  While there is no requirement to actually complete a piece of art each day (only to create) I did try to complete this page in one day.  In the future, if I do larger or more complicated pieces, I will just show my progress for the day.

I’m glad I was creative today and hope you were too!


Photo Inspiration Challenge Day 2

I was challenged by a friend to post 3 photos that inspire me every day for 7 days.  This is Day 2.

I actually had a hard time deciding among many photos I had on this theme.  I think part of the challenge is limiting yourself.

Path Marg's Draw 2 path west fork 2 path sedona

I hope you find inspiration from your world, too.

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Where did the month go?

As promised, I took a photo of all 30+ index cards I created in June for the Daisy Yellow #ICAD2014 challenge.  I’m quite proud of myself!  Now, it’s off to start creating another 31 during July.


And here is day 30 which was still in the scanner when I took the prior photo.