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Poem A Day Challenge – Days 7 and 8

The Scream
The Scream (or The Cry) by Edvard Munch

Yikes!  I fell asleep last night, too tired to write or post Day 7’s poem.  To make up for that, here are two poems.

Compulsion in C-Major

I hide it in desk drawers
Behind bins in the pantry
In my bedside table
I conceal it in trail mix
In smoothies
In gluten-free cookies
that I stash in the closet so nobody will eat them
I tell myself it is good for me
And it is, in moderation
But I know when I reach for it for the 8th time that day
Moderation is the farthest thing from my mind
What I am thinking of is relief
The serotonin it produces
The depression it reduces
The moods that may level out
And I thought it was just the rich dark chocolate taste
That compels me to buy it by the ton



She would pace the perimeters of the yard
Over and over
From daybreak to darkness
Nobody there to relieve her boredom

I could see her from my bedroom window
My heart in pace with hers
My loneliness holding her paw in mine

Two restless souls, blinded by life

One day, a puppy arrived
Her pacing stopped
Her blindness forgotten

I remained blind
My envy binding me to the dark
But as I watched her come to life
A fog lifted inside me

I left my yard
Ventured out into the world
To find my own happiness
My eyes wide open