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Art Doodle Love in the Afternoon


Okay, this morning was busy.  No time for ‘morning pages’.  So I spent  a little more than 30 minutes this afternoon doodling in my Art Doodle Love journal.  What I love about this journal is that there are ready-made backgrounds and prompts, if you care to follow them, on each double-page spread.  That really helps when you just wish to play and not spend time creating a background on which to doodle or create.

Here are pages 26 and 27 as I opened to them in the journal.  There were a bunch of pink streaks and yellow and pink splotches.  The prompt on the top of page 26 says “What do you see within these ink splotches and drips?  Doodle from them and around them.”  Since I had limited time available, that’s just what I did.

(Double click on the photos to see them better.)


What I saw in the streaks and drips were trees and flowers and little woodland creatures.  So, using a Micron .05 pen, some water-soluble colored pencils, and Tombow dual end markers, I doodled quickly and intuitively.


When I had done most of the doodling, I created lines on the right side of page 27 because I knew I wanted some kind of lettering there.  I googled ‘trees quote’ and came up with this one from Minnie Aumonier: “There is music in the trees in our garden but we must quiet our hearts to hear it.”  I used some whimsical lettering to write out the quote and painted in the cirlces with various color of Tombow markers.  I did this all within the 43 minutes of one episode of True Blood that I streamed from Amazon and that included actually watching most of the show.

This won’t win any art awards but it certainly was an act of Art Doodle Love in the afternoon!  It got my creative juices flowing. I hope you do something creative today too.

p.s. I actually liked the trees better before I colored them in with Tombow markers.  I started with tiny little individual leaves in various colors of colored pencils.  I should have left them that way.  My inner critic speaks. 🙂


Author: aintnoninny

I write poetry and fiction; create doodle art; do genealogical research; take photographs of the world around me; think about odd things; hike the red rocks; and obsess on food.

2 thoughts on “Art Doodle Love in the Afternoon

  1. Beautiful! I just discovered art journaling this summer and I find that I have the urge to keep doodling and adding because of that pesky inner critic. And then sometimes I go to far. I’m going to give my inner critic a name, something fittingly ugly, like Brunhilda!

  2. Thanks, Stacey! My user name on here is Aint No Ninny but my inner critic is definitely a Ninny! Keep art journaling! I just started in April of this year and I’ve come a long way with a long way to go.

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