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Grid Love

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Tammy Garcia over at  has the best weekly art journal workshops. She shows you a video for a new technique and then you try it yourself.  You’ve seen me discuss her Art Journal Tangents and Tactics series #dyajt in other posts but there is something that three of her most recent ones have in common:  they are all collages based on grids.   I’m really loving grids!

Here are the grid-love art journal pages I created this week (double click on any photo to get a bigger, clearer version).

AJTT Bonus A Flower Grid

This is  my version of Tangent Bonus A: Grunge Flower Grid.  I painted the grid on a page in my 8″x11″ art journal using Golden acrylic paints in colors I liked.  I then collaged onto the page different flower elements cut from magazines or stickers in my stash.  I adhered them around a ‘journal block’ where I wrote in gel pen “My garden is full of flowers” in French. I also added a fortune reading “Never fear shadows.  They simply mean that there is a light shining somewhere nearby.”  Then I outlined everything with various colors of Neocolor II water soluble crayons.  I love the contrast of pretty flowers against the less than perfect grunge of the background and shading.

AJTT Bonus B Bold Graphics

AJTT Bonus B Bold Graphics #2

The two pages above were in response to Bonus Tangent B:  Bold Patterns.  The objective was to cut heavy white paper into approximate 2×2″ pieces and create different patterns on them with bold black markers.  I used a Sharpie Pro Magnum, a Pitt Big Brush pen, and a Sharpie medium bullet-nib pen.  I colored the pattern on some of the pieces using either Tombow markers or gel pens.  On the first page, I just glued them all down across a 9″x12″ piece of watercolor paper and outlined/blended with a black Sharpie china marker.  I had some pieces left over so I glued them to an already paint-brayered page in my smaller 7.5″x10″ journal and outlined them with a Stabilo All pencil.  I found the exercise of creating patterns and doodles on the small pieces of paper very soothing and satisfying.

AJTT7 Pattern Grid

This is my version of Tangent No. 7:  Pattern Grid.  The black and white bonus exercise really led up to this one.  For this tangent I cut dozens of 2×2 and 2×3 pieces of bristol paper and then doodled them with various colored pens and markers (Tombows, Sharpies, Sakura Gelly Rolls, Sakura glaze pens).  I adhered them in a grid format to a 2-page spread in my 9″x12″ art journal.  I placed them around a piece of lined paper (on each page) which I then journaled on using a technique called stacked journaling (where you write a line normally, then turn the page 1/4 turn and write over what you just wrote).  It, in itself, becomes another pattern on the page. I shaded all of the pieces of patterned paper in various colors of Neocolor II crayons, smudging them to grunge them up a bit.

These grid-based Tangents have been some of my favorite so far.  A lot of effort when into creating the patterned pieces of paper but it was very fruitful effort and satisfied the doodling bug I’ve had since I was a young child.

If you wish to find out more about the Daisy Yellow  Tangents and Tactics weekly video workshops, go to Tammy Garcia’s website and click on the Art Journal Tangents and Tactics ‘button’ beneath her photo on the right side of the homepage.  They are free but you may wish to provide a donation for all of the effort Tammy put into making them.  There is a donate button on her page for that.

Happy grid-and-doodle-love, y’all!


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