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Too much is not enough.


Here’s the thing.  I want to write about how my desire to create art has turned into a minor obsession.  But the first thing that crossed my mind is that I shouldn’t have a blog post without a photo of something I’ve created.  And I can’t seem to create anything today because my little obsession has led to paralysis.

Where did that come from?

Last December I wrote out a bucket list — NOT a list of resolutions — a list of things I really wanted to try in 2014.  One of the things on the list was to take a painting course or mixed media workshop.  The reason why that particular item was on the bucket list was because I kept telling myself that I could. not. paint.  I don’t know how I came to believe that since I had never really tried. And it was something that I had always wanted to do.  So I tried.  I took an online workshop in mixed media painting.  Then I took another in art journaling, and another on watercolor painting, and another and another.  Some were free, some cost me some shekels. And all came with a list of needed art supplies.

All of a sudden I am in several workshops or art-related groups, each with challenges, tutorials, courses.  All of a sudden it is too much.  I can’t keep up with all of it.  And yet I feel almost compelled to take more workshops, different workshops.  I want to know how to do it all!  It’s as if too much is not enough.  Really.  And the result is that I am feeling paralyzed again.  I don’t know where to start.  Where to stop.

So I am telling on myself.  I know of obsessions, of compulsions.  I might cross the line a little bit before I recognize it but I do know when enough is enough.  So today I decided that I would focus on two groups/workshops for the rest of the year and I will let the others go for now.   And, until the end of this year, I will use the art supplies I already have unless I run out of something that I use frequently (i.e. paper, pens, etc.).

Too much is too much.  Enough is enough.  The end.


Author: aintnoninny

I write poetry and fiction; create doodle art; do genealogical research; take photographs of the world around me; think about odd things; hike the red rocks; and obsess on food.

3 thoughts on “Too much is not enough.

  1. That’s a very sensible compromise. I too have seen lots of interesting art groups and challenges and have been tempted to take courses. However, the pressure on my time makes that unrealistic. So for the rest of this year I am sticking with the one weekly art journaling challenge, setting myself art challenges and watching technique videos on YouTube. Otherwise I would get so stressed trying to fit more in and that would turn creativity from a joy to a chore. I hope that even making that decision has relieved you of some stress.

  2. Even Magritte and Cassatt put their artpants on one legwork at a time. The frustration and confusion may dissipate upon picking a graphic tool at random and making use of it. Or, if you know a Jolly Good Fellow, and I know you do, unfreeze him and he’ll unfreeze you. [smiles]

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