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Every Friday during August on Tammy Garcia provides us a new Art Journal video tutorial which we can then try out.  The Art Journal Tangents and Tactics tutorial for week #4 was to create a painted grid in our art journal and then collage tiny pieces of ephemera we had laying around onto the grid, journaling where we saw fit.

My perfectionism almost got the better of me on this challenge.  I tried to create a grid with colors I liked (per instructions) but I could not for the life of me get the size of the ‘squares’ even or the rows in the grid straight.  I tried four separate pages in my journal getting increasingly messy and un-grid-like with each page.  FRUSTRATION!

I finally went back to my very first page and finished it up by collaging and journaling per the tutorial.  I ended up liking my end result (below) and learned something in the process.  There is no right or wrong in art, no perfect or less than perfect.  Only the act of creating and a result that represents your vision, at least in part. I have to remember that, for this year at least, I am experimenting and trying out techniques.  I can’t fail if I am trying.  Gridlock broken.

ArtJournalTangetTactics 4

I hope you did something creative today!


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