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Every Day for Four Weeks Equals a Record


I can’t believe that I have completed at least one index card art project every day for four weeks now.  I wish I could be this consistent with exercise and feel-good-happy-moodness.  Yay me!  Two more days and I will have completed one month of the two-month Daisy Yellow Index Card a Day #ICAD2014 challenge.  Feeling rather jazzed about it.  Here are my cards for days 22-28:


ICAD #22 Prompt = Beach Umbrella  (mechanical pencil, Promarker markers, black Micron pen on orange index card)


ICAD #23 Weekly theme = Rainbow (black Micron pen and Promarkers on white index card)


ICAD #24 Prompt = Brown (decorative napkin collalge, walnut Distress Ink through stencil, vintage photo image transfer, brown Pitt big brush pen, word stamp with red pigment ink)


ICAD 25 Off-prompt (Cut up a previously painted & stamped index card into inch segments and collaged them in random order onto new orange index card; scribble-journaled over the top with a gel pen; outlined sections with black China marker).


ICAD #26 Weekly theme = Rainbow (Cut circles out of already existing monoprints and collaged to blue watercolor background on white index card; outlined in black and white China markers)


ICAD #27 Weekly theme = Rainbow (Scribbled in various colors of Crayola crayons on a white index card; watercolored over the whole card in black; used baby wipe to remove paint from the waxy bits, leaving black on the white segments.)


ICAD #28, Prompt = magnifying glass (in this case, an electron microscope showing what the AIDS virus looks like) (Painted white index card all over with yellow acrylic paint; sponge painted green acrylic over the top then sponge painted the individual viruses with magenta blue acrylics; collaged printed words and outlined with black pencil).

See you in a couple of days to show you what a month’s worth of index card art looks like!


Author: aintnoninny

I write poetry and fiction; create doodle art; do genealogical research; take photographs of the world around me; think about odd things; hike the red rocks; and obsess on food.

5 thoughts on “Every Day for Four Weeks Equals a Record

  1. It’s always great to set yourself a creative challenge. Not only does it encourage you to eke out regular time to commit to something creative but it also gives you a great sense of achievement when you accomplish the goal. My kids set me a zombie drawing a week challenge back in 2014 so I decided that this September I would set myself a drawing a day challenge and the kids have decreed the theme again. I am already relishing the challenge.

  2. I agree. The discipline is good for me and is opening up creativity in other areas also. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Lovely cards! Enjoyed seeing them all at once! Denyse from ICAD

  4. ICAD #28 – Looks so innocent and eerily beautiful. In this context the devastation, lost lives, loves lost, pain & suffering seem almost inconsequential somehow…

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