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On Creativity . . .

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“Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.” ~ Dee Hock

When I retired from my very left-brained corporate job in 2006 I told myself that I would spend my remaining years in creative pursuit.  I’ve spent the last six years defining what that means to me.  I am not a trained author or poet or artist or photographer.  My work has never been published or exhibited or sold.  And yet, most days, I write, doodle, sing off-key, dance, take pictures, explore new places, try new things.

A bird doesn’t create song, it sings it.  The sky doesn’t create the sunset, it projects it.  The poem I write is less a creation than the process of writing it.  To me, creativity is about looking at things in a different way, trying something new, being open to possibilities, being willing to make mistakes.  Sometimes that is very difficult.  Life gets in the way.  Routines get in the way.  Other people get in the way.  Fear gets in the way.  I get in my way.

Today I created a blog.  Or did it create me?


Author: aintnoninny

I write poetry and fiction; create doodle art; do genealogical research; take photographs of the world around me; think about odd things; hike the red rocks; and obsess on food.

One thought on “On Creativity . . .

  1. YOU created the blog, you Creative Pursuer, you. If the blog created you it would have gone through the checklist and selected Brilliant, Dazzling, Towheaded but Not Blonde, Angelic…and it would still be at it, since to get You right would take infinite care and focus. So I am glad it is this way, and trebly so and trembly that I have met you and know you to some extent!

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